AB (03/14/1951 / Albania)

Live On - Dear Uncle - Ilve On!

Live on - dear uncle - ilve on!

To My Uncle R.Telha Bacelli

The journey was long with sorrowing days
Raging waters, battering waves.
Soon I'll set foot on the sandy shore
This tiny Island so distant from the land
You adore!

At your final resting place I knelt
Saddened heart and tearful eyes, I felt
A longing to speak to you...
Though you're no longer in view.

Upon this site which seems so cold
I reflect the warmth of your inner soul.
Though far away for many a year
Your Albanian Heritage remained so near.

With strength I no longer cry.
For your spirit remains alive
In the vision of your son,
Flesh of flesh you now are one.

Live on - Dear Uncle - live on!

Hobart, Tass. May 2002

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