Live Right

Lots of messages around us yet we are still taken by life
We live the day as a routine & forgot what it should really mean
busy doing things, we think are important and not punctual to pray the fives
justifying mistakes by saying: ”” that no one had actually seen””

we need to prioritize our life and take this very true moment
enough with wasting our time & let’s give life a purpose
it is a huge gift and we need to look to it from the front
Whoever you are or how we have been in real mess

It is just never too late when it comes to this
Cause we all know we will die but need to learn how to live
Once we understand the real meaning behind it we shall know the path of bliss
Then we will feel valuable and be even more willing to give

by Raghda Ashraf Soliman

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I admire your way of thinking.