Live The Way Jesus Lived

Christmas a time for joy and cheer
a time to rejoice the birth of Jesus;
making little mangers,
lighting up the Christmas trees,
carols, songs and jingle bells,
merriment and celebrations everywhere.
The child who was born in a manger
where a star shone to show the light
to the three kings who came with gifts
of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Jesus never sought worldly treasures,
He lived and grew up to be the Lord of peace
to cure and heal the sick and dying
and taught of forgiveness of sins and sacrifices.
The little child born in Bethlehem in a stable
preached to live by love,
by peace and by prayers,
and to follow his teachings-
to forgive and to expect forgiveness,
to care about others selflessly,
to say with reverence the humble prayer:
'Our Father in Heaven';
He asked to re-enact the Last Supper,
saying - "Do this in memory of me".
Lord Jesus message of love shines
by his sacrifice on the cross.
Today He reigns in the Heavenly realm
and to be with Him:
live the life Jesus did.
Jesus O' Jesus- child of Bethlehem
in us rises the spirit of togetherness
as you told us to love one another
just as you did.

by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Comments (5)

love, forgiveness, expectation of forgiveness, joy, not material.......peace...... all those great noble ideas Jesus preached........ you h ave written a wonderful praise for Jesus the Christ.. thank you for sprading this news. God bless u dear poetess. tony
I really enjoyed this poem detailing the way Jesus lived. Lots of great things to live by. Very pure and enlightening.
I tried to leave a message on your poem BE HUMAN TO HUMAN FIRST, but the computer said This person does not wish to receive comments on any of his/her poems and yet I can leave a comment here. What gives?
Very nice poem. I have voted it a ten. You might also enjoy my poem THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS GIFT.
Thank you very much for this beautiful poem on the occasion of Christmas Day. The life of Jesus is for the entire mankind.