MK (29-01-1987 / Hoorn/the Netherlands)

Forbidden Fruit

I lived in a place called Eden
Where predictability bloomed,
Comfort and order flourished.
Samey yet safe.
Balanced, level,

When I saw the apple
It took me quite by surprise,
Never had I seen such a glorious fruit,
Taut, shiny,

Our eyes met,
Locked in a moment of delicious embrace,
Stirred deep within me,
A deep forgotten place,
A hunger which I had never known.
A craving in my soul.

I wanted to feast upon him forever.

I knew that I should not covert the apple,
He was not mine to taste.
To succumb would mean chaos,
Eden forever lost.
I must leave the apple,
Walk away.

And yet,
Blazing through my core,
Pure wanton desire

I long to explore him,
Explore his firm ripe contours with my tongue.
To caress his sweet scented skin.
I long to feel him,
To feel his flesh between my lips.
To taste his juice.
I long to devour him.
Devour him totally.

Heavy, unfulfilled
I turn to walk away,
But the serpent is by my side;
“Go on” he whispers, “take a bite…”

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destiny is certainly apowerful aspect of the universe but not the only one desire, will, strength count for a great deal also the going into joy into delight of flowers and the ocean and pine trees also kittens keep up the good work