Live To Feel Grateful

There are many who live to feel grateful.
And it is done in a way,
They appear without one word to say.
Showing they owe it to themselves,
To let no one else...
Dump their insecurities or burdens felt,
Whenever they wish with a want to do this.
And anyone who has faced,
Obstacles laid on their path to remove.
Know it was not easy.
Nothing to do unaided seldom is.
Always it seems someone will appear...
With the hope their collected trash,
From a past we all have been tested to live.
Should be accepted without question.
And approved it done to do.
By the ones who feel grateful.
Blessed to feel it and to know,
They are not obligated for anyone's mess.
Nor will they claim it their own.
Just to do a good deed for another.
Who has only one ambition.
To blame and accuse,
Those who now refuse to be there for them.
Listening to their claims.
With it done to defame,
The ones who came...
To their rescue.
But time to give it to others ungrateful,
Will ultimately prove has limits.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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