AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Live While You Can

If people would listen, I'd advise them,
to do whatever they want to do, now!
Don't wait, for some other time, as
it may not, be afforded to you,
somehow! Live while you can and
enjoy every single minute, don't ever,
have one regret. Time is a funny thing,
one day it's on your side, the next you
have no idea, what you're going to get!
If you have to take chances, then do it,
at least you'll have something to show.
Why wait, until things start to happen,
take advantage, of your get up and go!
We all, think in terms that there's still,
plenty of time, to get things done. But
that's only a fallacy, it could end up,
where you'll have none. Just live and
enjoy everyday, of course, don't go
over, your means. They'll come a day,
you'll be able to look back and be
grateful, you fulfilled, some of your

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