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Lives Far Away From Me
DT (08 June / Ajmer)

Lives Far Away From Me

Poem By Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar

She may be away
From me on the land
Very far by distance
But close to my heart and soul
She is half my age
Loves me
More than anyone can
I remember her naughty deeds
And what she said to me
As soon as I entered the house
She would run
And take me in her arms
She left me crying
To start a new life
I miss her, she misses me
Throughout the day
Throughout the night
I think of her, she thinks of me,
Keeps talking to me on the phone
Be it morning, be it night
The best think happened to me
When she joined the family?
As a cute and bubbly baby
She is my daughter
Lives far away from me

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