Lives I'Ve Attempted To Live

A doing to disprove,
The many experiences I have had...
To find them disbelieved,
With a discovering there are many more...
Has been to my advantage.
Since what I have done,
When young and obsessed to do my best...
Leaves me thankful to feel blessed,
A few have taken an interest in assisting...
My memory as I age to forget,
How many lives I've attempted to live.

And yet...I must admit,
Grateful I remain that my steps were documented.
By those who knew,
Little rest I would get to do it myself.
Appreciative I am to their eforts.
Aging has not been my best endeavor.

What is he doing 'now'? '


'Thank God.
Following him is exhausting.'

~I could have told you that.
I had to stop.~

'Why? '

~Everything he told me he was 'going' to do,
He had already done...
Before I had the opportunity,
To discourage his movements.
He had 'me' forget my own life to live.
If I may I'd like to make this suggestion.~

'Go ahead.
What is it? '

~Mind your own business.
Trust me.
He is going to mind his.
And 'if' you value your mental health,
Find someone else less motivated to follow.~

You just told me,
He wasn't doing anything.'

~Anything he is going to allow me to see,
Until he has done it.~

'I can't imagine what he put his mother through.'

~I heard it said,
She started dieing her hair,
When he began to walk and talk.
And she was still in her early 20's.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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