BP (3/6/94 / Baltimore, MD@GBMC)

Livin Life Like They Want Me To...

livin life the want me to...

iz like going to hell accept that would be my
and my voice may in away be heard

iz like giving away my life,
to a person without sight

cuz they have what's best for them insight
n not me
so you're left there unaware
of you're sorroundings
you start to hear strange sounds and
you no longer now what to do
all u know is to do you

cuz thats how it's suppose to be
i'm suppose to be doing what's best for me

mommy says go to college,
for the better your knowledge,
is the better you'll succed in life

but what happens when you find your self discoraged to learn,
and threatend to earn something not worth the yearn?
what are you suppose to do now?

by Brittney Phillips

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i know what your going through too. i'm feeling that now, but don't worry. just keep pushing through, it'll be worth it.
Brittney, Your fustrations are understandable, being young one time I can relate very well..... Hang in there, and College today isnt an option, it is allmost a necessity, there is nothing like your education........ You have alot of ablilty I see, try more to strive for puncuation, and more adjectives with the contrcution of your senteces and you will see how much life you will have given them..... Bonnie
Hi Brittney, i can feel what you are going through. this is life and we are forced to do things we don't like doing. don't feel frustrated, your share of sunshine will come to you soon. take care seema