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Living At 18
JF ( / Mulga, Alabama, USA)

Living At 18

Poem By Jerry Fields

While driving down the road at 65 or so
In a zone of 40 or, (you'll) crash you know
I missed the turn
And took to learn
My hand was broken
My breast was seat belt stricken
Two ribs was crackened
My right foot was almost smashened
My nose with a hair line split
Not needless to say my tongue partly bit
Waken to headaches and pains with many wonder
My dad looked frightened as he drove like thunder
Rushing me to the code blue of slumber,
X-rays to X-rays my dear did I do
My mother-sisters-and friends looked too
As in fright of my blurry eyesight
Bloody was I, not gloom to foresight
Thanks also to a neighbor to think so quick
To help pull my weak body from that terrible ditch.
A lesson was learned, God was in my worst unturn.

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