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Living Day By Day
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Living Day By Day

There are those days when my mind will race.
When “normal” is just too hard to fake.
Those things that should take a week to do.
An hour is all it takes.

These days I can not talk to them.
Their mind is just too slow.
I know I yell and pressure them.
Yet remorse I can not show.

My energy level is through the roof.
I just run and run and run.
Most people wish they had these days.
But trust me, they’re not fun.

But then there come the other days.
Those days I fear the most.
When my world comes crashing down on me.
I start to lose all hope.

Those things that shouldn’t even matter.
Things most people would say are small.
My mind won’t allow me to let go of them.
They affect me most of all.

I’m traped inside a stone cold prison,
The key has disappeared.
Thoughts of darkness, torture and death.
No longer do I fear.

Yet then there come those best of days.
When finally I just feel sane.
When all is normal, calm and great.
And I’m happy it finally came.

Relationships are hard to keep.
I tend to pull away.
Sometimes I just can’t be myself.
“Insane” I fear they’d say.

My friends, they just don't understand it.
They say they've never seen these days.
But when I need a friend the most.
In fear they run away.

Yet when you simply need a friend.
When your life has just been slain.
You can come to me, I’ll always be here.
Chances are I’ve felt that pain.

So if you know someone like me.
And don’t know what to say.
Just sit in silence and please be patient.
Until things are better another day.

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I love this poem; a great testament to feelings a person can identify and work through by simply taking a time out with patience as you say. At the same time, it was very personal, and I like that in a poem. Rhyme and rhythm were great too, nice flow.