Living Dead

Yield this heart of mine
To the one, who seeds in me a smile
I’m over done with grief
I have rid many waves, to stand here and live
Many say that pain cease with time
I had enough of watching this pain
Making me insane
Now the choice is mine
Triggering off the grief inside
I never been brave but it’s worth the try
Many years I lived dead while I was alive
I left my soul to be addictive in cry
Now I have made my mind
Living dead while alive it was my crime
Rehabilitating my soul away from the grime
It takes time to know that smiling in the face of agony is bravely wise
Still it’s not late to put happiness in my life
I accept to be destined for the existence ride

by Nasra Al Adawi

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brave words.......yes indeed I accept to be destined for the existence ride........thats the spirit! ! !