Living Death

I died a death but stayed alive
In phantom's likeness I survive
Alive, yet dead, I walk alone
In rooms with walls as cold as stone

I lived a life and dreamed a dream
And loved the life you lived with me
Then in the whisper of a breath
You left, and then I died a death

Though dead I live, I cannot part
From love that lives within my heart
Within my sorrow I must strive
To keep my hope and faith alive

For all the love that I would give
I surely would prefer to live
To be content, not to survive
But feel my spirit come alive

As you slowly left
'Twas me, my dear, who died a death

by Roberto Randazzo

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Comments (3)

Remembering the dead on the day of all souls day. Great poem for me. I love it.
Love thy art painful..many cried, many crying God knows how many to cry - I died a death but stayed alive..thank you
great poem.............wonderful imaginations.......THANKS