SM (04/04/1956 / Mumbai)

Living Everyday...

Everyday when I get up in the morning
so many thoughts run across my mind
so many reminders of things to do
so many desires, dreams, wishes to be fulfilled.
Like a ritual I get fresh, bath, eat breakfast and come out of the house.
Depending on the conveyance available I move to the destination planned and or unplanned.
Sometimes letting my heart take over, sometimes my brain.
My actions, reactions may hurt someone, somewhere, unknowningly.
My deeds, harmless at times, result in making me only tense and depressed.
My thoughts wanting me to do things unnatural and immoral but in no way hurtful, deceitful, painful or dangerous to any living being I know.
I want little, hidden, forbidden, pleasures of life, but the tensions and pressures of economical fiasco that I face supress it only to make them surface hour after hour.
Thus diverting me from the deeds, acts that need to be completed.
Putting others, unneccessarily and unknowingly, under pressure.

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