(14th July 1985 / Mampong-Ashanti)

The Odds

I have seen eyes fail
hearts falter
and courages flee
in the face of adversity;
Character's True Test.

I have seen reversions to form
erasing progress;
failures to reach out
to grow
steadfast subbornesses
unto Self-Inflicted Suicide
where the Human Spirit paled;
where weakness,
and greed
envy, jealousy
fed upon
my imperfections
surpassing positives:

where I've failed to grieve
when I should have:
failed to love
to reach up or out
blinded by my own
Tattered Needs
my own Gnarled Focus
blamed others
avoided responsibility;
but in ablill this
one thing I eventually gained
with the help of others
is to forgive myself and others-
the grandest capability
humans have
that coming from
the ability to transform
the human soul
when the odds
are worstest
from Demon Seed
to Flower
a Taking Hand
a Giving One.

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Because of he problems of my People. Nice work.
simple, beautifull, impressive
lovely, I like it, thanks,