Living For Tomorrow

Waiting On The Day,
For Everything To Change,
Bring Back Them Good Old Days,
When Ma And Pa Sat Around,
Listening to Pasty Cline,
While Sipping On Moon Shine,
Oh, ....,
I Remember Them Good Old Days,


Now Lets Think About Tomorrow,
Don't Forget About Your Sorrows,
Lets Just Live Like There Was No Tomorrow,
We Can Bring Back Them Memories,
Only On Certain Days,
When We Laugh and Cry and Think About,
Them Good Old Days,

We Went On Ride,
The Ride Of Our Lives,
We Made Memories,
Them Sweet Old Memories,
Pasty Cline,
Moon Shine,
Babies Laughing,
As We Walk On By,

Man, I Remember Them Good Old Days,
We Would Laugh Until We Cried,
While Sipping Moon Shine,
Dance To Pasty Cline,
Holding Our Babies,
On That Front Porch Swing,
Them Were The Good Old Days,
Now Take A Chance To Remember,
Our Present,
Most People Would Say,
Bring Back Them Old Days

by Destiny Kohler

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