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Living Hell
HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Living Hell

L aying down my head
I thought I was safe in my bed.
I n my dreams, I still go through torture
How I wish I was not her daughter.
V iolence and abuse seemed to be the only way
For them feel superior and get me to do as they say.
I was young and didn't know better
I followed their orders right down to the letter.
N obody had a clue
Of all the things they were putting me through.
G etting me to play in their games
Now when I think of them, all I feel is shame.

H ow they would treat me as some kind of toy
Maybe I would have been treated better if Ihad been born a boy?
E very day I think of what they did
It wasn't right and no way to treat a kid.
L ies and guilt is what they would use
If I tried to fight them, I would always lose.
L ocking me up in the house
I felt caged liek a scared, little mouse.

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