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- - - Living In Bowling Green (Ghazal)
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- - - Living In Bowling Green (Ghazal)

Poem By Ben Gieske

Excuse me, but my favorite color isn’t green
Even though I live in the city of Bowling Green.

In its history the people played such lively games.
On many sunny days their fun was bowling on the Green.

In his boyhood here there lived a man named Duncan Hines.
One day you might find his colored cakes in Irish green.

Oh yes, this city is the home of the car Corvette.
If it pleases you, you can own one painted blue green.

The school my son attended here was Bowling Green High.
His closest friend in French class was Emily Green.

About once a week I visit our Bowling Green Mall.
There you can plainly see its signs printed all in green.

With pollution and economy the way they are,
I am happy to see the city still going green.

- October 3,2009

Published online Dec.21,2009 by The Ghazal Page in the Color Radif Challenge Issue. Go to: http: //www.ghazalpage.net/

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Comments (3)

The poem's so refreshingly beautiful...loved it..
very nice and quite interesting poem. hope life around will be greener than you wish for. take care see my poems of 2010 on pg1
I can see now, your place respect the beauty of nature, and no problem with global change, what with all that green. I think, your plants are very well attended and healthy too, because it is raised by a hand that is green..A green thump, I mean.Ha ha. A pleasure to read this lovely write of yours, Ben..My face turn to green, too, enjoying all these green words.Thanks a lot..