Poem Hunter
Living In Fear
(1965 / Abor, Volta Region, Ghana)

Living In Fear

the room so dark
and waterless too is like a desert,
hot and empty of love

trees once tall welcoming travelers
now rest silent like stone bereft of their buds

arms that have known these eyes
now torment like raw heat,
all they give is a sonic wave of bats

the rain-garnished sunflower in the center
of our dreams is now a lifeless leave golden-hued
its gilded petals adorned with seashells
will soon be buried in memory

humane feelings once the healing balm
has long been vanquished by the sun in a horseplay

not even a blade of nose awaits the traveler
like a figurative art to take his burden
somewhere beyond laughable appraisal

all is a dazzle, a bubble trail of daylight
set in a stare, cobwebbed and rolled
to Downside Park till dead and gone

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