Living In Heaven

Poem By Vera Burns

I have talked to people who say they are going to Heaven for sure
Then the next person they meet is someone that they cannot endure
Now I am sure both of these people are probably feeling the same
Now tell me which one will go and which one of them will remain?
I will say this if Father God is anything like my Earthly Dad
There won't be any fighting because that would make Jesus sad
We must start loving each other and forget all about the past
This is something that we must do if our lives is going to last.
I know we must act fast because our time is really passing us by
So the next time you see someone, it is best if you just say Hi:
Once you get in that habit, you will find that it is very easy
Then when you think about your future you will not be so uneasy.
Sometimes when you meet someone they will not even try to speak
It plainly says the ones that will inherit heaven are the meek
The bible is just fine but let us all just use some common sense
We must get along in Heaven between us there won't be any fence.

Comments about Living In Heaven

I wish it could be this way, but in the times we live in, i dont see it happening. anyway, i love the poem.

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