Living In Love

Though it hasn't been too long, it feels like a lifetime,
I know I'm living in love

It's the way you look at me like there is nothing more beautiful
It's the way you see deep into my own soul
It's the way you catch me when I am falling
And put me together again after every crash

It's how I never saw enough of you that day
It's how I never can sleep at night without hearing your voice
It's how I just wish to have your arms wrapped around me
And it's the way I crave to have your scent linger over me

This is love and we're living in it
I just can't believe it happened to me
From now on and forever, you'll never be alone
Til the day I die, I'll be by your side


by Amanda Austin

Comments (1) words can even begin to describe how much emotion i can feel just from reading this...