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Living In The Shadow

I have fallen from heaven,
I have fallen into the dark,
I have reached the land of selfishness,
the land of jalousy, the land of trubalation,
temtations run so high in this land.

A cry has become a tune
while the victim is dying inside,
while we dance to the sound of a cry,
with no remourse what so ever.

a land where a brothe/sister is isolated
for not wearing the latest 'label range'
or being poor for that matter.

A land where i cant be myself,
a land that I 'm ashemed to be part of,
Pity I'm stuck in it.

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what a poem well written indication of the true world i like it keep it up
You highlight the plight of many people and the circumstances in which they struggle to exist. It is really unimaginable how they even want to keep on living and, at the same time, amazing that they find ways to continue their lives, but their struggles with basic needs are overwhelming and they have no time or energy to even think about their inner selves. It is also a challenge to know how and be able to help.