Living In You

I can’t lose you; you’re all I have
If I don’t have you, then I’ll go mad
I can’t let go, can’t go on my own
I am too scared to be left all alone
The world is too big, and people don’t care
If you’re hurt or you’re crying, if you’re lost or you’re scared
If I don’t have you with me, then there’s no one at all
To love me or need me or be there when I call
I love you so much! But that isn’t enough
To keep you from leaving, from escaping my touch
I can’t let you go, but I haven’t a say
In what the fates dictate will happen today
But please, do not leave me! I can’t be alone
I still need you near me! Don’t leave me alone!
We have dreams that need living! We have two lives to live!
We have promises to keep, and so much to give!
We can have a bright future! Please don’t fade away!
I don’t want to lose you, not now, not today
Summer’s finally here, and our heartbeats are songs
But why is yours fading? The rhythm’s all wrong!
No, don’t close your eyes! They might not open again!
Oh, please, please, don’t do this! This can’t be the end!
Oh, please, just say something! Anything at all!
I love you so much, but you won’t answer my call!
I can’t feel your heart, and your lips have turned blue
Your hands feel so cold…I think I’m facing the truth.
I’m alone again, aren’t I? The silence is thick
The tears come down slowly, but my heartbeat is quick
You’re dead in my arms, and I am dead, too,
Because all that I lived for was living in you

by Beatrice Preti

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