Living In Your Memories

Living in your memory

All night I keep staring at the ceiling alone
How I explain what I am feeling since you have gone
Your memories are always in my mind
Which let me to live a life like blind
My mind tried to forget you
But my heart never daredto do so
I miss those moments we spent together
I miss that place we roamed together
I miss that day when for the first time you kissed me
I miss that moment when you gave your first hug to me
On bed, I dream only about you
I cuddle my pillow as if it is you
I always keep your photo with me
So that I can ask "what was my fault? "
It brings tears in my eyes
When I remember the moment you left me giving a taunt
Days are spent in your memories
But the nights are sleepless
My love for you has became endless
Living in your memories give me a lot of sorrow
But these are the only things which carries me to another tomorrow
My heart loved you and will always love you
He doesn't want anyone in my life except you

by Rajneesh Yadav

Comments (2)

Good poem so minutely grasped.
My love for you has became endless which carries me to another tomorrow - - // - - ] The passion of a lover nicely described. Thanks.