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Living Life
CSC (SEPTEMBER 16,1994 / )

Living Life

Poem By Charlsy Soccer Chick

If everything were just as it seemed to be,
There would be nothing to look foward to in life.
If you judge a book on it's cover,
You obviously aren't reading very many.
If you go through life believing with all your heart that there has to be more,
You are living the most wonderful life.
If you go through life thinking that everyday is such a drag,
You aren't having such a great time now are you?
Live life to the fullest and never stop being a 'kid'
Laugh at least three times a day,
It's healthy for you and everyone around.
Don't focus on work all the time,
But on familly and love.
Children cannot live a good life without parents there that want to be with them,
It makes the child feel good, and loved
I have learned from experience,
To conclude, please, live life to the fullest, for that is what God intended for us, he gave us life and freedom, and so many wonderful things, live it like you die tomorrow and you want to have the best last day of your life, everyday.
your guardian angel
(your children/ familly)

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