MA (March 27,1951 / India)

& Living Like A Gypsy

From Chicago to Mumbai
Srinagar to Chennai,
I had to deal
With extremes:

Icy cold,
To hot and humid.
Biting cold and windy
To hot and sweaty.

Finally I said,
Out of exasperation
To my husband,
My body’s thermostat
Is beginning to protest,

I can’t live like a gypsy
At the risk of sounding bitchy,
Can’t we settle down?
Where the climate
Is temperate and moderate?

I thought, bewildered
He asked, didn’t
You like adventure.
I do, I do,
But in small doses.

Tears threatening to
Pour out of lachrymose glands
I pleaded
Will you please try to understand?

Nodding, he walked away
I have really no say
Every promotion
Means relocation.

But I’ll try,
Please don’t cry.

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Comments (4)

I can relate to this poem-we moved around a great deal due to my husband's military career and now that we are settled I don't mind short trips but I would rather be home.lovely poem.thank you.
Hey I like your poem Mamta not in small doses but in large ones--troubador your writing is perfect +++10 loves anjalie (Please do read mine ANSWER -WHY DO U LOVE ME)
women hardly ever have a choice in matters of relocating...i at times wonder of the forceful migration of women till few years ago when they're to follow their husbands across the seas...the poem is reads like a natural reflex action of the body!
This is a good entertaining poem! The variety of our Indian subcontinent is well known, - especially the weather! That way I think Bangalore is the best! -Raj Nandy