Living My Dreams

I feel like I’m living my dreams
As I enjoy the best I have found
Nature provides the beauty
Magnificent from the sky to the ground

I rise up in the early morning
To the sky of color and charm
Or possibly dark raging clouds
But usually they do me no harm

The windmills add to that charm
Oh, how I love their sound
Even if the lightening flashes
And huge raindrops hit the ground

And the sunsets will end my day
As the sun drops down from the sky
Adding many treasured moments
And I never ever ask why

Oh yes, I can honestly say that
My world is truly supreme
I hope you can say like I can
“I am living my dreams! ”

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (1)

Nice write Marilyn! ! I live that dream to, but without the windmills! *10*! ! Thanks for sharing! ! Friend Thad