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Living Nightmares In My Bed Room

Staring at the ceiling,
Not dare to close me eyes,
Fear that I will be vulnerable to the nightmares thats about to reach me,

Nightmares are real,
Nightmares are alive,
You need to believe me,
Because I see them every nights,

I want to sleep,
I am exhausted,
But every time I close my eyes,
There it is,
The nightmares greet me in my sleep,

So people,
Be aware,
Those nightmares are evils,
Those nightmares are mean,
They want to make my life miserable,
By greeting me in my dreams.

Date: Sunday 25th April 2009

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When you look up, what do you see? The shadows of limbs and leaves? Do you tremble, do you whimper? Is it the blood, you draw, from your white knuckle, inside your mouth? A long *sigh*as you, sink down exhausted, to dreams, outside your head....iip
I get them too.....but you gotta sleep too, young lady. You need the rest and nourishment. And then we need to read some more of your poems. Write one on 'Blissful Sleep'....! ! ! Cheers. Subroto