Living Now

Looking at the present
here and now

We need fashioning
to show us how

The past has molded
us for today

Lessons we learn
are on display

The past has gone
the present is here

The future an event
Of yester year

by Heather Burns

Comments (7)

Our past shapes our present and even future! But 'Now' is all important.... if our 'nows' are lived well, our past, present and future will be glorious! Great composition!
What a beatiful flow, a great pleasure to followm thank you for share!
Looking at the present I am living now because I know I should not think of past which has crossed. Wonderful composition and heart touchable life poem. Nice job on sharing.
great poem showing the impact of past, present and future on our permeable life...........great imaginations......thanks.
Past, present and future are the three basic colors of life. If we keep all the three for the brush we can capture all the colors in our painting of life. A nice poem.
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