Living On Death Row

You don’t want to go there,
it’s not a place to play fair.
Your life is literally on the line,
depending on that powder, white and fine.

Weak and dependent you put your trust in it.
It’s your confidence, your will, gives you courage to deal.
Takes you high on a ride with your nose open wide.
Just when you think you’ve had enough,
things start to really get tough.

“Just say no”, what is that, a song, a litany,
a creed, a chant.
You’re a prisoner don’t you know, living every day
on death row.

You’re riding the white horse until the trail ends its course.
The switch could be flipped today unless the governor
issues a stay and grants you another day.
And another, and another and another, “hey man,
can you help out a brother.”

Beg, steal, borrow, kill all because of lack of will.
No dignity or strength you will show, but you love living
on death row.
Clear your mind, control your fate, get off the row
before it’s too late.

by Cassandra Boyd

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