(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Living On The Edge

The people were getting excited
The sky was filled with white clouds
The riders were getting ready too
To entertain the crowds

The motor started revving up
Hearts were beating fast
Wheels began to move slowing
But of course that didn’t last

Up the ramp the machine flew
And before we knew it was gone
The rider and his motorcycle
He couldn't stay up there very long

The sky was where the people looked
For like a broomstick against the moon
There was the rider with clouds behind him
We looked up and none too soon

Our breath was lodged inside our throats
Would he be okay, we asked
We wondered if this guy would be glad
When he finished his stressful task

But he landed without incident
We all breathed a sigh of relieve
We didn’t even want to imagine
A scenario that would give such grief

I hope you get to see a scene like this
For excitement is what riders’ pledge
It’s an awesome experience, I’ll tell you
To watch folks who are living on the edge!

by Marilyn Lott

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