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Living On

Long had slumber governed the pen
Though the wells of the soul had overflown
And the hands ached with the longing to release
The fiery passion that had crushed the bones.

Gentle but blazing as the stars in a clear night
Silent but enigmatic as the Hound of Orome
Motionless but ominous as the Queen in Charn
The pen lay still... awaiting for the appointed time to rise.

Then the dawn comes and ushers in the light of morning
And with their song the muses wipe out the sleep of the night.
A tidal wave of songs, and lays, and verses burst forth
And great is their impact in the souls of men.

But the stars, blazing and bright as they are
And Huan, mighty and noble as he is,
And Jadis, fearsome and stubborn as she is,
Cronus passes by and reduces them.

Until in a gentle and silent immobility, they will fade,
And what has just risen this morning shall fade too in the eternal night.
But the souls of men will live on beyond the eternal night
And in their hearts the pen shall dwell for all eternity.

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Sure they have, but the poem does not focus on that all too obvious point. It aims to capture the process of conception, delivery, growth, and passing of a writer's ideas. Most importantly, it aims to highlight how a writer's ideas immortalize him. That is a wonder worth glorifying in verse.
People been writing a long time