Living Shadow

Poem By Nina Joseph

Sitting on a big chair
swinging round and round around a round table
bending to and fro luxuriously
having all the courage of life
and the riches of the earth
What amount will purchase a soul?
even strength enough won't be
A heart is heart when full of blood
A soul is a soul with harmony and charity
Can one tell the price of humanity?
yelling to and hurting the poor
is what the rich do?
Disturbing peace for the fulfillment of anger
and the need to be feared
An empty soul is as poor as dead
dead from the beginning of it's creation
even the rich and the poor meet in this
though under the sun
the distinction is done
What's the secret point of money and courage?
without peace, humanity and happiness?
the difference between love and strength?
What about the creator and faith?
Maybe the answers are within one's reach
or we are blinded from the truth
May the creator save our souls! !

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people should reflect on these things.a nice reminder in poem

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