Living Through Me

I remember the day you died well.
It's a memory that haunts me.
But at the same time comforts me.

You may be gone now.
But to everyone who cares your still around.
Though no one can see you anymore.

Though no one can hear your beautiful voice.
You continue to live on through me.
Everything i am.

Every bit of my soul.
Though not of your own flesh and blood.
Nothing could bring me closer to you.

Thought i may have been born to a different mother.
Even though i was adopted by you and your husband.
I'll forever call you my mother and father.

For you shall forever continue to live on through me.
Every memory we shared.
Every day we spent together.

Put more and more of you inside me.
Though if given the chance to roll back time i would not.
For one more hour with you i'd give anything.

To say things left unsaid.
To express feelings left inside.
Though i know now you know everything left unsaid and left inside.

I'd give my soul to tell you those things face to face.
I understand the lord needed you to come home.
It was just your time to go.

But everyday i want you back.
Everyday i need your guidance.
Though you may be gone.

You will never be forgotten.
For you shall continue to live on through my heart and soul.
No matter what people may say.

They may think that when i'm gone your memory will fade.
They are wrong.
Because when i'm gone you shall live on through my memory.

people will think of me and remember the woman who brought me up.
I love you!

Each new day a challange.
A challange i might not be able to face on my own.
But with you,

With you living on through me.
Every challange can be overcome.

I want you to know.
Though your headstone may say 1951-2002.
You are not dead.

For you are still living through me.

by Ben mcelfresh

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