Living Truth

I write today of living,
My years of loving you.
I take note of my passing,
A milestone, one or two.

The milestone that I noticed,
The one you'll notice too;
The one that points me homeward,
My love, still strong and true.

The milestone nearly missing,
My truth of life, no less;
Noting I still love you so,
Though obvious, I guess.

It seems it's just been moments,
But no, it's many years;
That portion of my lifetime,
Spent loving you in tears.

I've got all love required.
Though saying it is wrong;
What's left of this, my lifetime,
Will not be quite as long.

Today, I'll take for granted
This truth until I die;
Still solaced by the knowledge,
My love, was not a lie.


Comments (33)

intriguing and delightful read. enotions well displayed.
Very nice and loving poem. Poetry it's what real men do.
a poem that touched every readers.. nice..
So touching and moving...makes the read weep...feel his heart heavy....Terrific piece...awesome
Greenwolfe 1962, I am visiting my hometown in San Diego right now, away form my soulmate because of the problems my disorder has put us through. I fight, struggle and endure through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) . And We needed time to separate in order to conquer our obstacles and realize our mistakes...I am a survivor of abuse, neglect, in-justice, starvation, deprivation...and rape...I almost died...This poem you wrote reminds me that our love will conquer over mine and his fears...This poem humanitizes... With All My Respect, Mimi C. Mata
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