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Living With An Alcoholic
CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Living With An Alcoholic

Poem By Chelsea Hansford

My tears are all thats remaining,
Of times I wish to keep,
I hunger for your loving,
Your anger makes me weep.
Im now lying naked,
On the floor in pools of blood,
I love you, cant you see that,
This torrent of a flood?
When your sober you're amazing,
My eyes are just for you,
But after you start drinking,
My eyes are black and blue.
Why wont you just love me,
And never make me cry,
The sober you is perfect,
My one and only desire.
Then this demons emerges,
And throws me to the floor,
You kick me in the stomach,
Please dont hurt me more.
But you lift me to my feet,
So you can hit me round the face,
I can feel the damage,
My broken heart lost its pace.
I blackout from the agony,
And wake to find you there,
Sorry for your anger,
Saying you ruely care..
You tell me that you love me,
And it wont happen again,
But bruises are a reminder,
Of this torture I call pain.
Broken arms and cheekbones,
Ribs that snap in two,
I love you when your sober,
But this drunk is the real you,
Ill always love you darling,
But my body needs to heal,
Im devoted to our marrige,
But ive lost my ability to feel.

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Comments (2)

Its so demanding to live with an alcoholic
Living with an alcoholic is very painful both inside & out. I pray this is not your life but if it is I hope you got out of it!