PU (07-01-1949 / Kutoarjo)

Lizard Fall

lizard fall
above my head
when we
sit both
in sittingroom
that night
her ters dropp
roles on her cheek
befalled by a light
full moon moonlight
its head
I told her
my father die
this afternoon

Prasetya Utama, Tuesday, May 13,2008

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A saying or a supernatural belief...still things comes true and we have to take precautions or be ready for whatever will happen when the signs comes... Prayer... thats our shield against badluck! ! ! cate
We Indians also believe in such things. Fall of a lizard... the way, direction it falls... whether on one's body or not and if so where… and after fall whither it moves etc... actually makes up to interesting studies! Lizards being the remnants of prehistoric period dinosaurs, i must say they may posses a far better perception, the sense level than what we humans have. One cannot deny they foresee lot… who knows after all! a poem interesting to read...