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Lizzy Liz Liz
(July 14,1982 / Los Angeles, California)

Lizzy Liz Liz

Poem By Sean Furlong

One day I had decided
to jot down some words that described you
so I took out my notebook
unsheathed my Paris pen
gave my old memory a look
and thought of old times again

That one night at your junior prom
oh how could I forget
so many words then came to mind
from that night you made me sweat

getting lost of course sticks out
then of course your cool dress
Denny's with Mian, pictures to tout
though i wish I did impress

then came up the park and beach
those places were more fun with you
and oh how much fun it was to teach
you how to play ninja turtle games too!

and on occasion we'd see a flick
whether silly or indie was on the screen
if the car or bus had made you sick
at the time these movies had to be seen!
Rainbow Brite, Undercover Brother
Without a paddle, to name a another
to Bend It Like Beckham you graciously took me
then a lesson on Sex with our good friend Kinsey!

Then there are those things
the things that make 'Liz.'
the eyebrow raise, yes
the devious curiosity of it all
not many pants seem to fit right
not even jeans of guess
and I recall an interesting brown shawl
yes, for you fashion does not pall
red pants unique
homemade knit green top on the way
a passion for coastal waters
reading books a plenty, a definite forte

The emerald tree boa, the beauty of all snakes
you're up for a game of tennis
listening to Silver Chair and Mammoth Lakes
Marvel Comics, glasses, and ear piercings
dogs and classic cartoons
trips abroad, your favorite opera Carmen
Audrey movies, *swoons*

Morbid humor, Beck, Belle and Sebastian
David Bowie too
soon to be a fine tap dancer
salsa even, ooo!

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset,
a duo you won't soon forget
the rules of the game you have not met
own a brand of clothing and you're set!

alas, as the sun sets on the day
this brief snapshot of you does too
i hope I've done a good job at laying down the poop
and if I may sneak in the fact she makes a mean soup!


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