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Over Easy
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Over Easy

Poem By Xiangu HHE

Troubled times.
Brought about by troubled minds troubled.
By what truth is discovering to find.
Undermining honesty.
And its defined meaning once kept sacred.

Troubled times.
Brought about by minds troubled and limited.
To find they are committed to crime.
And the power it devours those of faith and hope.

Who are these evil brainless people.
Protectors of thieves and self righteous lowlife.
When deception become a game for sinners to win.
With humanity devalued becomes meaningless to them.
Or perceived as a device to throw like dice.
Against a brick wall hidden.
Barbed with wire and electronically fenced.
While paid bodyguards protect,
Their sleaze from being detected.

Privately shield are these well dressed crooks.
Patting themselves on the back.
Focused and not distracted,
From misdeeds they agree to enact.
And leave these scenes to delude they do.
No one will believe their leaders picked,
Have designs to destroy them.
And a society they claim is threatened,
By religious zealots.
And others they describe as envious terrorists.

Troubled times.
Brought about by criminal minds.
And confined to performing,
Evil deeds to mislead all people.

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