Lobster Season

Fisherman go out for the event of the year,
As Lobster Season is now here.
The traps are set, the men in good cheer,
Hoping they will have a banner year.
Boats are spread out, in all direction they go,
Wow! what a spectacular show!
The water is calm in the bright sunlight,
All will bring in a gourmet's delight.
Buoys are bobbing like jewels on the sea,
Out as far as the eye can see.
A big blow, almost put them out of reach,
A many were found, broken up on the beach.
All you tourists, hang around for the spoil,
As the big pots are ready to boil.
You will have a feast, you will never forget,
Coming to Glace Bay you will never regret.
Cape Bretoner's are as proud as can be,
As their lobster's are sold abroad and from sea to sea.
Hospitality is what they are famous for,
So you will have a good time and never get bored.
After you leave you can be sure,
You will always look forward to coming back for more.

by Masie Jackson

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