Local At 9.23 A.M.


suddenly a lull overshadows the otherwise noisy platforms
as the train passes by leaving one of its commuter
dead on the railway track

as if there is a sudden blackout
due to an unwarranted solar eclipse
as in the Mahabharata to kill Jayadrath

is the silence in honour and for peace
of the departing soul or
the suddenness of horror before thousand eyes

slowly returns the humming of the crowd
the police returns with the cleaners
to take charge of the body

everyone around gives his own version
of the reason of death
whereabouts of the person and
the possible negligence of the railways

normalcy returns and everyone gets busy
in their daily chores to earn their bread

away at home only the mother shivers at the thought
of an impending danger
as the lamp goes off during her Puja
first time in her life

Rajkumar - Mumbai

by Rajkumar Mukherjee

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Comments (2)

Use 'departed soul' instead of 'departing..'. The last four lines actually elevate the sense of the theme. Yes. This is life. Danger lurks in every angle. The loved ones will be in long prayers at home. Life is a perpetual motion, a ceaseless cycle. Many deaths occur around us. We witness them. We sigh. We will be in tears for a day or two but return to our routine in no time. This in one way is the reclaim of the normalcy of life. System will take care of itself. Otherwise, how can life be in progress?
Ki Rajkumar Moshoi, Ki Lekhechain! Khoob Bhalo! Vey poignant, moving. Touching. Alas, this happens every day. Take care, moshoi. Subroto.