Local County Fair

The county fair is back again, folks
What fun it is to stroll around
So many things there are to see
Lots of fun and exciting sounds

You don’t like scary rides, you say?
Oh, there’s much more for you to do
Like displays of all kinds of things
Something surely will capture you

Competition is very rampant
Folks' are so talented, you see
From quilting to scrumptious cakes
Even animals for you and me

Just like when you were a little kid
Oh, you’re certainly not old now
But back in the 4-H you may have
Entered your pig or your cow

Folks' work so hard in the garden
And when harvest time comes ‘round
They gather late summer crops
Plucked from off or under ground

You can hear music somewhere
As you walk around the county fair
Is that a live band that’s playing?
Do they want you to come and share?

And the food, oh don’t get me started
There is nothing that can compare
Corn dogs, donuts, elephant ears
Food you can only get at the fair

Nighttime is exciting as well
Bright lights are way up there
Haven’t had excitement in awhile?
Then go to your local county fair!

by Marilyn Lott

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