Goldbrown upon the sated flood
The rockvine clusters lift and sway;
Vast wings above the lambent waters brood
Of sullen day.

A waste of waters ruthlessly
Sways and uplifts its weedy mane
Where brooding day stares down upon the sea
In dull disdain.

Uplift and sway, O golden vine,
Your clustered fruits to love's full flood,
Lambent and vast and ruthless as is thine

by James Joyce

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A Great Poem, reminds me of Grade 5. had to memorize the whole poem.
This reminds me of the film The Graduate where Dustin Hoffman turns up and snatches the bride at the altar.
Medieval poetry does have a charm!
He was but one And only one to ever be To gallantly lift from netherby A bride as worthy as he.............. Great unmatched poem of its class. I invite you folks to my page too
Such a great poem. Every 5th and 6th grader in the world ought to have this memorized! !
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