Lock & Load

Poem By Keri Jopplin

He's questioning the lay out and rubbing his muzzle;
Thinking 'bout the cycles and pondering with puzzle.
Confused and dazed, to operate it's easy.
His stomach's in knots and soon he's queasy.

It's all so basic and simple, just mere mechanic,
Physics in operation, 'Wow', his expression...'Dramatic'!
Tumbled upon entry and wrapped in a spin;
Attempt after attempt, it seems he can't win.

The gentleman, a bachelor; he leans as he sips his Bud,
The machine, a washer, it begins filling with suds.
Another shake of his head and a scratch of his groin,
Just load and set cycle DUDE...dropp in a coin!

Keri Jopplin
Copyright ©2012

Comments about Lock & Load

Hilarious! Keep 'em coming, Keri! -chuck

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