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Locked Behind Prison Bars
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Locked Behind Prison Bars

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

There is a difference between,
Someone who is approachable...
And those who believe they can approach,
With disrespect anyone they please...
Expecting that behavior to be acceptable.

Even when brought to their attention,
There is no connection they have at all...
As to why their conduct and behavior,
Has a lot to do with why many people like this...
Make weekly or monthly visits to see their children,
Locked behind prison bars or detained in county jails.

'I did the best I could to raise all my children right.
And if any one of them did anything inappropriate,
That was on them.
I don't have time to cater to their needs.
I have my own.'

~So you don't feel you should be held accountable,
For their actions? ~

I am a drug addict and an alcoholic.
None of them got their armed robbery habits from me.
Is that clear?
I hope so! '

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An excuse to be made requires a looking to avoid responsibility for their own action. 'What do you mean? ' Well you do have a reason why your children are in foster care? 'Yes' Well answer me this excluding the existing circumstances of the traumatic event, who would you blame? 'Are you saying I'm a bad parent? ' I think you did the best you could, or at least I hope you did. But regardless of what situation a kid is in, would you deny them either their mother or father. 'I most certainly would not' Then admit your mistake and move on. It is how we all learn. Time waits for no one, and your children will soon be grown and gone.