Locked In Time.

He searched the oceans
Sailed the seas
In search of loves
Sweet melodys
To charm the girl
With sparkling eyes
He'd take stars
from out the skys
And wrap them up
In sheets of fire
To show the strength
Of his desire
The passion held
Within his soul
Her love to seek
It was his goal
And in his heart
He'd hold a rhyme
Of loves sweet pleasures
Locked in time.

by Graham Jones

Comments (3)

Such a beautiful write. Well done Patricia
What a romantic poem, the words are just charming, but they can only come from a great poet. everyday words are not here, these are from the heart. cheers Sylvie
Magnificent! What a beautiful write Graham, the flow was wonderful and I loved every line. I think 'enchanting' is the word I want. Lovely. Love Ernestine XXX