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*locked Up So Low....Updated

all of this pain
all of the emotions
don’t show
locked down
oh so low
bottom of the heart
locked up so tight
for so long
lost the key
key to happiness
no real emotions left
except for pain
the rest all gone
so please forgive
only emotions shown
strong depression
never happy
unable to remember “happy”
those feelings lost
mind is a mess
sit here
hoping someone will come along
save from the pain
this state of total depression
so no longer to feel numb with pain
all of this pain
all of the emotions
locked up
so low
don't show true emotions
they are forgotten
locked down so low
and lost that key
the key to happiness
lost forever
and forgotten

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Comments (3)

The execution and style really gives insight to where you were coming from in writing this piece. Good stuff
yeah...we often lose the key to happiness. yes, because we always depnd on others for it...well written!
heart touching piece..well done in vividness....Thanks for I had a nice read! ! ! 10