Locked Up So Low

Poem By Scarlet .....

all of this pain
all of the emotions
I don; t show
there locked down
o so low
in the bottom of my heart
locked up so tight
for so long
I think I lost the key
the key to happiness
for I have no real emotions left
except for pain
the rest are all gone
so please forgive me
if I seem depressed
I’m never happy
I don; t remember ever being happy
those feelings are so lost
my mind is a mess
I sit here
hoping someone will come along
and save me from the pain
this state for total depression
so I no longer feel numb with pain
all of this pain
all of the emotions
locked up
so low
for I don't show true emotions
they are forgotten
locked down so low
and I have lost that key
the key to happiness
lost forever
and forgotten

Comments about Locked Up So Low

This is so sincerely expressed that I could feel your pain....it's an awful place to be and it can feel like there's no way out but you've begun with this step of putting it here and that took tremendous courage.....just one day at a time. a hauntingly well written poem. mm.(((())))
this poem is great, good job, although i feel sad now... but dont worry ill live
This poem made me cry good job

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