(October Second Ninteen-Seventy-Four / Grace Maternity Halifax)

Loco Emotive

the cable is m
m is mmmmmmmmm
maiz k, lift X
fill in az out
mmmmmmmm sigh!
m the fly moui
another par we

you feel us changin now
you can sense waves yea
we're letting it all go
rolling with the flowyo
zippin up slicing throu
danci romax hot mod bod
do me the way we do you

suivre, we found us together
key yo too yo to you flow to
rhythym fourty four for afew
reaching out at tracting you
yeah we like us, uhuh deejay

used to have little faith, believe us
we found each other again gaining new
we're so happy now that we found ayew
a yew in m and a me in yew, I am that
we are together now like we've always

been, be in, be en, we found mmmm yeah

we found we
we fond of us
happy for us
glad to be us
u know it
u knows it
I know u know it
we know u knows we know it
any so alor d'hors
a l'eterior
and inside

welcome back
enjoy pride

pride of the pack
pride is the pack
family bundled up
holding on tight
no ifs ands or butts
don't stutter unless
you wannaother hug
and gimme some of that love
raining down from above

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