Loftiness And Lowliness

From loftiness one becomes lowly
. and from lowliness one becomes lofty.

Consider the highest of the peaks;
. it has nothing but rocks and snow only.
Consider the lowest of the plains;
. it is filled with every kind of life.

Consider the biggest of the behemoths;
. the thoughts of its mind are all about
. food alone.
Consider the the smallest of the mammals;
. it can be shrewder than any creature.

Consider the tallest of the trees;
. it is the first thing that a lightning
. strikes.
Consider the shortest of the shrubs;
. no fiercest northern wind can uproot it.

Consider the heaviest of the clouds;
. it is the soonest water to fall.
Consider the slightest of the vapors;
. it shall continue its rise.

Consider the mature palm branch;
. it is brought down by its heaviness.
Consider the new and fresh leaf;
. its lightness lifts it up.

Consider the size of the elephant;
. by it, this animal would be the first
. a hunter notices.
Consider the smallness of the ant;
. with it, only a few is interested
. with it as a food.

Consider the fruits on the trees;
. most of them are useless when they fall.
Consider the crops on the ground;
. they are more useful where they are.

Still, consider the large watermelon;
. its stem cannot lift it up.
Then, consider the plum on its tree;
. its weight raises it high.

Consider the mass of the rock;
. it falls straightly to the ground.
Consider the lightness of the feather;
. it settles down gently.

And consider the top of earth;
. it is made up by mud and dirt.
Consider the bottom of the ground;
. gold and precious stones are found in it.

For the Great I AM has more grace
. for the humble than the proud;
. pay attention, you lofty ones,
. for there is wisdom in meekness!

by Yehoshua Shim'onai

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God bless you sister. Thanks for the appreciation!
Beautiful piece Peleh! ! The Words God had entered into my thoughs when being ridiculed over my beliefs was the expression...'Todays 'nut' is tommorrow's mighty oak'. This poem you have written showed some wisdom and understanding of being humble...a peaceful place to be. Thankyou.. Regards...Sharon.